Article #2 - The truth about Mohamad Aldura

In the photo: A sketch on an IDF aerialphoto describing the exchange of fire at the Netzarim junction in which a Palestinian child was killed, according to Palestinian reports.

The sketch marks the location of the father and son who took cover adjacent to a Palestinian shooting position at the junction. After Palestinian policemen fired from this position and around it toward an IDF position opposite, IDF soldiers returned fire toward the sources of the shooting and during the exchanges of fire the Palestinian child was apparently hit and killed.

Source: IDF Website


An IDF investigation and re-enactment appears to show conclusively that the 12-year-old boy from Gaza, Muhammad al-Dura, was not shot by Israeli soldiers - but was rather the victim of a cruel plot staged by Palestinian sharp-shooters and a Palestinian television cameraman.

The incident in question occurred on Oct. 6, when the boy and his father happened to be walking past the scene of a major battle between Palestinian snipers and Israeli soldiers. Former IDF sniper Yosef Doriel, who initiated the re-enactment, said that he had several reasons to suspect that it was not the Israelis who shot the boy.  "For one thing, the boy and his father were hiding behind and to the left of a barrel that was between them and the Israeli forces," he told Arutz-7 today. "In the video clip, you see four clean bullet  holes to the side of them. These were not shot by the Israelis - they are 'clean' and full holes, not mere grazes that would have been formed by the 30-degree angle of the Israelis - but rather by Palestinians (stationed more directly in front of the father and son) to make sure that the two would stay put.
Suddenly, you see the boy lying down in his father's lap, with another bullet hole in the wall directly behind him - again, it could not have come from the IDF position, which was behind the barrel and to the side, but only from the Palestinian position, which was more directly in front of the father and son... At that point in the video, you can hear the firing - but the Israeli position was far away! Rather, what happened was that a Palestinian advanced to a spot very close to the photographer, and shot the fatal shot. You can also notice that at that moment of the fatal shots, the photographer suddenly 'shook' and the picture was blurred - a signal that the shots came from close to him."

Images that shook the world

Images from the video footage of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah being shot dead in the Gaza Strip. The scene was filmed by a Palestinian Cameraman, Talal Abu Rachmah.

Muhammad and his father cower behind a concrete wall

Muhammad's father, Jamal, tries to shield him (Israeli troops to far right)

"Don't shoot", Jamal shouts towards Palestinian cameraman

A shot rings out and camera shakes

Muhammad collapses in his father's arms

Muhammad dies and the father is badly wounded

Doriel and a fellow physicist, Nachum Shachaf, proposed that O.C. Southern Command Yom Tov Samiyeh oversee a re-enactment of the entire incident, complete with the barrel and life-size dummies. Doriel concludes: "The Palestinian forces staged the event. The Israelis were firing, for sure - but the fatal shots came not from them, but from the Palestinian position in front of the boy, behind the cameraman."

Source: Israel National News, 31 October 2000


An Analysis of the Incident at Netzarim

According to analysis, any shots coming from an angle of 110m and 30 degrees would be deflected by the cement barrel and block placed on it.  In the diagram to the left you can see that the cement barrel fully protected both the father and the son.  This means the Israeli position had no visibility to the either the boy or his father's position, and could not have fired the shots.

The four large bullet holes were fired from an automatic weapon.  Because the holes climb the wall and go to the right, we can assume that the gunman was left handed. The weapon was also fired from across the street, either next to the Palestinian cameraman's location or in bushes at the back of the cameraman.  Had the bullets been fired from the Israeli position far to the right, the holes in the concrete would have an elliptical shape that fans out in the opposite direction from where the shot was fired. 

The killing bullet-hole could be caused only by a sniper facing the boy from the front (behind the bushes at the back of the cameraman), and the noise recorded by the cameraman before the boy was seen dead was of a very near-by weapon, with a sound quite different from the shooting heard before, from distanced Israeli outposts. 

If Jamal was shouting "Don't shoot" in the direction of the gunman, it would appear that the sniper would not have been in the bushes behind the camera man, rather he would have been next the cameraman on his right side (Jamal is looking slightly to the right of the camera), possibly explaining.the camera shift first to the right and then compensate to the left, based on motion artifacts in the video and the strength of the noise of the gunshot.  If the noise had been from behind him, the camera effects probably would have been different.

The single hole behind the father's arm may or may not have been from the same weapon.  The hole was probably not made after it past through the boy. This can be deduced because if the bullet had entered there would be evidence of blood on the wall behind them, and there is no evidence of this in the video photo.  It appears that the bullet hit the wall and expelled a large quantity of cement rubble in the reverse direction.  The Palestinian cameraman mentions the area was "filled with debris dust".  Because the father was pressing his son down and behind him, the boy was particularly vulnerable to this ricochet material.  It was probably this debris that killed Muhammed and wounded his father. When the camera shook, Jamal falls foward, and the final picture shows blood splattered away from the wall.

It appears that the shot was aimed at specifically at the boy, as Jamal's hand was shielding him. Why is the father leaving his son in such a dangerous position? Most fathers would have put the boy between them and the concrete.   It must be that Jamal did not expect danger from the Palestinians, vans and trucks across the street. 

In the Australian 60 Minutes Interview with Talal Abu Rahma, Richard Carleton suddenly said to Rahma, regarding what happened at Netzarim, and the shooting, "It was Murder, wasn't it" Rahma was visibly startled, and stammered a non committal response. 

Based on: Incident at Netzarim


What Really Happened When Muchmud Al-dirah, the 12 Year-old Was Shot Dead

The Jerusalem weekly, Kol Ha'zman, published in its Oct. 6 issue an interview with Talal Abu Rachmah, the TV photographer who filmed the death of Muchmud Al-dirah, the 12 year-old child shot dead at Netzarim Junction on the third day of Arab rioting.

This is what he said:-

"I was in my Gaza City office when we received notice that there was shooting at Netzarim Junction...when I arrived there was already heavy shooting...the shots came from all over, heavy shooting from every direction, many shots from automatic weapons. It was terrible and I was forced to take cover inside the van...the shooting intensified and then, for the first time, some 15 meters in front of me, I saw the Reuters photojournalist hiding there and next to him, a man and a child...after a few minutes, the photojournalist managed to get out and the father and son crouched and compressed themselves between the low block wall and a large metal barrel. I heard him shouting and waving his hands in the direction of the shots...he continued shouting but wasn't heard. Maybe he was trying to attract attention that they would know that he was there with the child...I thought that if I would move [in the direction of Al-dirah & son] then I would endanger the lives of the four other people with me.

Until that moment, it was clear to me that the [Israeli] soldiers did not notice that someone was hiding there...afterwards, I saw that he took out a mobile phone and spoke to someone, but he wasn't successful in conversing and then he took a bullet in the ambulance pulled up...and the soldiers continued shooting. The driver was hit and was killed. This lasted for a long time and then there was quiet for a few seconds and then, 'boom', I heard another sound, different, louder than what I heard previously. The area where they were taking cover filled with debris dust, we didn't see a thing and when it disspated, I saw that the child who was all the time close to his father, was lying on the ground, his face in the earth".

Source: Israel: Behind the News


The Killing of a 12 Year Old Child:
Another Perspective
Gal Luft

On Sept. 30, 2000, the news agency Agence France Presse had a cameraman filming during an exchange of gunfire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian gunmen/rioters. The cameraman focused in tightly on a father and son who were trapped behind a piece of concrete and the camera caught the gunshots which eventually killed the boy and wounded the father.

This film has been shown over and over again and used as a demonstration of the heartlessness and cruelty of the Israeli soldiers who were said to have fired the killing shots. But neither Agence France Presse nor any other news agency or medium has bothered to explain or show the context in which that shooting took place. So an enterprising person who isn't as automatically anti-Israel as Agence France Presse appears to be (not to mention all the other news outlets -- both television and print -- which showed this event without any explanation or context), obtained a broader view of the scene of that shooting and has made it available to anyone whose mind isn't already closed. It's attached to this email and bears a close look.

If you do that what you'll see is that the scene is a highway junction in the middle of wide open fields, near a Jewish town which was the target of a band of Palestinians, and an Israeli military outpost stationed on that road -- in the lower right hand corner of the picture. Directly to the north and south of the Israelis are two Palestinian locations from which shots were being fired at the Israelis, and diagonally across the intersection from the Israelis is another Palestinian position from which shots were fired at the Israelis.

In other words, the Israeli position, designed to guard the road into the Jewish town, was surrounded and being fired upon from three sides by Palestinian gunmen. For reasons which none of the media has thought worth exploring, the unfortunate father and son are caught in the line of fire between the Israelis and the Palestinians across the intersection. However, the Israelis cannot see the father and son because they're crouched behind the concrete protection right alongside the Palestinian firing position.

Once you've absorbed the physical situation, a couple of questions have to be asked:

1) Since there are no Palestinian homes or towns in the area, what were the father and son doing there to begin with? There are no stores there. No playgrounds. Nothing.

2) Why didn't the Palestinian gunmen, who were right next to the father and son and who had to be aware of their presence, do anything to protect them or at least signal to the Israelis that there were innocent civilians caught in the crossfire?

The answers to these questions are frightening. The Palestinian father and son were undoubtedly there as part of the original confrontation with the Israelis. The Palestinians use children routinely because a) the Israelis are reluctant to shoot when they know kids are there and if the kids get killed, it makes fabulous anti-Israel propaganda -- witness the use to which this incident has been put already. To give you an idea of what I mean, read this
short article from the Jerusalem Post of October 6, 2000:

IDF: Palestinians offer $2,000 for 'martyrs' By Margot Dudkevitch

HEBRON (October 6) - The IDF Hebron area commander Col. Noam Tivon suggested yesterday that the Palestinian Authority is encouraging children to participate in clashes with the IDF by offering their families $300 per injury and $2,000 for anyone killed.

The main goal of the Tanzim, or Fatah militia activists, is to continue perpetrating attacks, to kill soldiers and settlers, he said.

He noted the cynical use by Palestinians of their children, who are pushed to the forefront of the clashes.

Senior IDF commanders met with Palestinians security officials on Wednesday night and yesterday morning in an attempt to quell the violence.

Tivon also met with his Palestinian counterpart yesterday morning. He said that "the meeting took place after a night of severe, intense fighting, with armed Tanzim later joined by armed Palestinian policemen who perpetrated scores of shooting attacks, firing at the buildings of the Jewish community and IDF soldiers. It is about time that the public understand that the Tanzim are directly linked to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat - he is the only one that can control the situation."  Tivon said it was up to Arafat to issue clearcut orders to his security forces and armed Fatah activists.

From the numerous meetings with Palestinian preventive security officials he has conducted in the past week, it is clear they have no control over the situation and the Tanzim, Tivon said.

"It's a game - one hand operates the Tanzim, the bad guys, and the other hand the security services. But both hands are held up by the same body and head. The Palestinian security officials are fully aware that they have no control and are facing a difficult situation, but without a doubt everything is orchestrated by Arafat."

He said the soldiers have acted with the utmost restraint and have not initiated any shooting attacks or violence.

So that's the context in which you have to understand not only the death of this child, but the participation of all of the kids you see in the news every day.

These kids are taught in school that the best thing that can happen to them is to die as martyrs for the Palestinian cause while killing or attacking Jews. The hatred is so deep and pathological that the possibility of a real peace process with these people right now will one day in the future be thought by historians and psychologists to have been an interesting case of mass self-delusion.

Sadly, there are still many Jews, and a whole lot of others in the media (whose motives may be neither delusional or objective), who continue to insist on the need to run after the Arabs and beg them to sit down, talk and make peace. Their continuing blindness or anti-Israel hostility (take your pick) will surely result in even more deaths and disaster as the Arabs milk this cynical tactic for all it's worth while their politically correct and anti-Israel friends and allies cheer them on and attack the Israelis for defending themselves. Watch it with this in mind and I'll bet it will all look different to you from now on.

The writer, a senior IDF research official, is a senior research fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Policy Studies.

Source: Israel: Behind the News

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